Until we hear from Stripe, we'll cover processing fees to ensure 100% of your donation goes to charity.

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Hate those long privacy policies full of legal jargon? Us too, that's why we've provided this handy little summary for you.


We don’t sell your data.

When you pay to view the list, you submit your name, location, and email address:

your name and location will be publicly viewable to all paying customers, but you can anonymise this if you wish by submitting fake information;

your email address will never be publicly revealed, sold, or shared.

If you nominate a charity, this information is not associated with you on the list. Donations are stored in a separate database where we keep track of only two things: the charity and the amount raised in its name.

We'll email you once with a receipt of your purchase and a personal link to view the list, and that's it.

We utilise a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics called Plausible who do not use cookies and do not collect any personal data.

Stripe handle your payment details; they never touch our server.

If you prefer lawyer speak, continue reading, but remember that you only submit to us a maximum of three pieces of personal data, all of which you can anonymise if you choose.

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